The winter landscape of Athens. An invitation to see the city differently!

It has been thoroughly studied by ancient historians and modern researchers about the importance of the Greek climate and how it affects the people who live here. Hot, dry summers that urge you to the nearby beaches and mild winters interrupted by a unique climatic break at the end of each January. A week of summer in the heart of winter, called the “Halcyon Days”. Derived from Aristotle they owe their name to the myth of Alcyone. It is a wonderful experience to find yourself in a quiet garden outside the city on a clear winter night, enjoying a hot cup of chocolate or a glass of wine and stare at the sky.

Athens, in the heart of Attica area is justifiably a city of four seasons. Because it doesn’t just adopt the rotation of the weather but magically transforms its landscape unlike any other city of the Mediterranean. This feature is due to the areas located at the edge of the city which are its natural fortress and ultimately act like a natural air condition. One of those areas and the most important is Ekali, which is considered the Athens’ spa. The history of Ekali goes back to the ancient times and as Plutarch says, it has been linked with the concept of the shelter. The area that welcomes foreigners and travelers who wish to rest in its unique nature and revitalize with the peaceful aura.

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