Sustainable Education

Part of our vision at bluegr is to inspire the future generations. We are committed and dedicated leaders by example, and through our experience, we wish to transfer our knowledge and skills to the young people who come to work with us. We have established strategic partnerships with tourism schools and universities, both private and public, as well as with organizations like “Mentor100” and “Regeneration”, which allow us access to young, aspiring professionals who are about to enter the workforce. We wish to communicate to them the importance of strong foundations, holistic leadership, and sustainable development not only with words, but also by offering opportunities for employment and internships at our hotels, and we are happy to see that more and more people who aspire to a career in the hospitality industry wish to work with us.

We want to be an employer of choice, therefore we are always aware of the achievements of the interns who work with us. Our “Rising Stars” initiative rewards the best and most dedicated young interns at the end of every season.

We follow the Global Standards (ESDGs) very closely, and we are dedicated to protecting every member of our team. We offer equal opportunities for employment to everyone, as well as trainings on a variety of topics, including violence and harassment in the workplace, health and safety, sustainability issues, and many more.

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