At bluegr Hotels and Resorts we are committed to making sustainable holidays the way to experience exclusive hospitality, executive services, creative gastronomy, beautiful surroundings, regional culture and customs.

Our environmental philosophy is based on the adoption of a new eco-culture and the enhancement of the environmental awareness that extends throughout bluegr Hotels & Resorts.

sustainability at bluegr


Sustainable Luxury

We strive for sustainable development and that is mirrored in our commitment to making sustainable holidays the way to experience exclusive hospitality. Without sacrificing luxury and quality, we work hard towards minimising our impact on the planet. We believe that the highest standards of luxury hospitality can and should be delivered in responsible ways that benefit our guests, staff, and communities. Our goal is to adopt and consolidate a new environmental culture that will permeate every hotel of the bluegr Hotels & Resorts Group.

Supporting Local Community

We feel strongly about creating regional employment opportunities and giving back to the society of Crete; therefore, we prioritize recruiting people from the local community, and we are proud that the majority of our staff members are locals. We are also invested in the wellbeing of local businesses as we are “We do local” certified. The use of topquality local products (wines, foods, natural cosmetics, olive oil) in our hotels create an experimental bonding with the area, communicating to our guests our customs, traditions, and philosophy.

Sustainable Consumption of Resources
Environmental protection is a key priority for bluegr and is intertwined with the way we operate. We take all necessary measures to achieve a continuous reduction of our energy footprint (LED lamps, solar panels). We are constantly striving for the optimal management of water consumption, implementing water management systems in our hotels (irrigation systems, smart usage policies, efficient water saving equipment and continuous staff training). We focus on actions related to the minimization of non-beneficial consumption, by implementing control mechanisms and good practices.

Responsible Waste Management
We are constantly taking measures to minimize waste in our facilities and ensure proper management by applying the principles of circular economy. We use only reusable materials and are currently working towards eliminating the use of plastic wherever possible. Our goal is to manage 100% of our waste in environmentally friendly ways. We monitor our recycling performance monthly – our plan includes glass, paper, batteries, light bulbs, scrap metal and electronic devices – and we encourage our staff and guests to participate. Among our priorities for the near future is the installation of composters in all our hotels, so as to further reduce waste and lower our carbon footprint.

Sustainable Building
We take pride in the conscientious methods we employ in the constructions and renovations of all our hotels. Our renovation plans are designed and carried out with the utmost respect for the natural wealth of the surrounding area, with the least possible construction, always using eco-friendly methods and materials. Construction and building materials are locally sourced and are eco-labelled. Our eco-friendly rooms are equipped with the KNX automation system which monitors heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting.

Protecting our Natural Resources
We conduct monthly chemical and microbiological analyses (in partnership with the Tentamus Group) to monitor our impact on the surrounding natural resources. We have established a strategic partnership with Diversey Inc., and most cleaning agents and detergents we use are eco-friendly, and plant based. Our environmental management system is certified under ISO 14001:2015. The landscape of our hotels is part of our environmental culture, preserving the local flora.


Our commitment to sustainable business practices is reflected in the emphasis we place on protectingour ecosystem and local resources. Striving for a positive impact on the environment is a priority for us. Our environmental management system is certified under ISO14001:2015 following Global Standards.

We are “We do local” certified, prioritizing the acquisition of local products and resources. Our motto, b-Green!, reveals our commitment to reducing our footprint on the planet through sustainable design, supporting and promoting local businesses and suppliers, and sharing with our guests and employees our green philosophy. Our eco-report provides details about our responsible water and energy consumption, circular economy and waste management, and our list of actions to protect the environment and support the local community.

Our hotels are certified with the Travel Life Certification that aims to promote sustainable practices within the tourism industry. In this sense, through monitoring of realistic sustainability we aim to implement positive change within our business and supply chains.

We monitor our recycling and upcycling closely, listing and counting all recycled materials diligently, so as to be able to compare our progress with that of previous years, set goals, and continue to improve. Among our priorities for the near future is the installation of composters. Through our “b-Green” motto we cultivate and promote a sense of responsibility to our people and organize environmental events and actions. Finally, our philosophy wouldn’t have as big of an impact if it wasn’t shared with our employees, guests,and stakeholders. Through trainings, we increase employee awareness and we make our strategy publicly available.

Through our b-Active! campaign, which promotes solidarity and volunteerism, we invite our employees and guests to partake in environmental, educational, and volunteer activities. Such activities include recycling, water saving, beach cleanings, training, donation boxes, blood donations etc.

Our annual Volunteers’ Week invites employees, guests and the local community to come together in the spirit of solidarity. We partner with organizations that support healthcare, the environment and education to organize a series of inspired activities. We clean our seas, we spread awareness about breast cancer, we support our local community by inviting people to plant trees and clean woodland areas with us, and we visit local schools where young students learn all about the magic and secrets of nature from experts.

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