Solidarity & Volunteerism

Through our b-Active! campaign, which promotes solidarity and volunteerism, we invite our employees and guests to partake in environmental, educational and volunteer activities, thus enhancing their experience. Such activities include recycling, water saving, beach cleanings, trainings, donation boxes and blood donations, among many others, as well as celebrating important international world days, like World Art Day, World Environment Day, World Beach cleaning Day, World Tourism Day. We are committed to meeting our guests’ needs while simultaneously spreading the spirit of volunteerism. Our annual Volunteers’ Week invites employees, guests and the local community to come together in the spirit of solidarity. We partner with organizations that support healthcare, the environment and education to organize a series of inspired activities, and everyone is welcome to join in. We clean our seas with the help of volunteer divers, we spread awareness about breast cancer by “racing for the cure”, we support our local community by inviting people to plant trees and clean woodland areas with us, and we visit local schools where young students learn all about the magic and secrets of nature from experts who come prepared with fun activities, educational games and treasure hunts.

Our people are our family, and we take our motto “There cannot be blue without you” very seriously. We appreciate the tireless efforts of every single employee working for the bluegr family, and we like to show it to them by celebrating important days, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, International Receptionist Day, Housekeepers Week, and more. We have established the initiative “Big Idea Generation” which gives every employee the opportunity to submit creative ideas for projects, with the best one every month winning a reward.

Furthermore, we have recenlty appointed a small team of “Cultural Ambassadors” in each hotel, whose role is to be ambassadors of our values and heritage, and act as “agents” who facilitate engagement and promote responsibility and participation. They identify and implement actions and initiatives that motivate their fellow employees.

Finally, we maintain a close relationship with our local suppliers, inspiring them to participate with us in supporting a variety of causes, thus passing on the torch of solidarity and volunteerism. With our “Skytali Agapis” (“a love relay race”) we wish to inspire our local suppliers and producers to donate their products to local festivals and other events.


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