Our commitment to sustainable business practices is reflected in the emphasis we place on protecting our ecosystem and local resources. Striving for a positive impact on the environment is a priority for us, therefore, one of the four pillars of our Star is entirely dedicated to the expression of concern over and promotion of environmental causes. Our environmental management system is certified under ISO 14001:2015 following Global Standards.

We are “We do local” certified, prioritizing the acquisition of local products and resources. Our motto, bGreen!, reveals our commitment to reducing our footprint on the planet through sustainable design, supporting and promoting local businesses and suppliers, and sharing with our guests our green philosophy by trying to raise guest and employee awareness for the importance of adopting a more environmentally responsible lifestyle. Our eco-fact sheet provides a detailed report about our responsible water and energy consumption, circular economy and waste management, and the number of actions to protect the environment and support the local community.

Our hotels are certified with the Travel Life Certification that aims to promote sustainable practices within the tourism industry. In this sense, through monitoring of realistic sustainability we aim to implement positive change within our business and supply chains. Our goal is to maintain all existing certifications and acquire further global certifications according to best practice benchmarking.

We monitor our recycling and upcycling closely, listing and counting all recycled materials diligently, so as to be able to compare our progress with that of previous years, set goals, and continue to improve. Among our priorities for the near future is the installation of composters in all our hotels, in order to further reduce waste and help enrich our soils, encourage the production of beneficial bacteria and fungi, and lower our carbon footprint.

Through our “b-green motto “we cultivate and promote a sense of responsibility to our people and organize environmental events and actions. We wish to inspire our employees and guests to partake in our initiatives that protect the environment, such as water and energy saving actions. Finally, our philosophy wouldn’t have as big an impactif it wasn’t shared with our employees, guests, and stakeholders. Through trainings, we increase employee awareness about all issues at the heart of bluegr. By making our strategy publicly available, we grant access to it to all stakeholders and other interested parties.


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