OUR MISSION​ To delight our guests with personalized experiences in a sustainable, authentic and warm environment.​ “We are a community of professionals who are passionate about making a difference in the present and future of hospitality.” OUR VISION To provide hospitality excellence, strive for sustainable growth, care for our people & communities, and inspire generations to come.​ “The diversity of our hotels helps hospitality flourish.”​ OUR CORE BELIEFS Strong family values We are a family business, passing our legacy and family values from generation to generation​ ​Excellence We have inner command and outer excellence​ Beauty and simplicity We love beauty, elegance and simplicity as nature teaches us​ Authenticity It’s not just about travelling, but about travelling well​ Will power, passion & commitment We are fueled by our strong will power and base our actions on passion and commitment​ Inspire Inspire others to learn, to dream, to do, to become ​ Be a CEO We all think and act as leaders with dynamism, determination, direct & effective communication​ Be ambitious - never greedy​​ Financial power and solid results for a sustainable growth
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