Cultural Heritage

Working side by side with the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation, we organise and implement a plethora of activities and initiatives that support and promote contemporary art and culture, and lifelong learning. Our latest inititative is the annual Art Prize, established in 2019. It supports and promotes contemporary artists, by giving them a significant financial prize as well as the unique opportunity to create a site specific sculptural installation that will become part of the G. & A. Mamidakis Foundation art collection and will remain permanently at the Sculpture Garden of Minos Beach art hotel, joining an important cultutal heritage.

Our Blue Fest festivals and the Blue Nights series of screenings, both of which take place at Minos Beach art hotel, offer visitors, employees and guests the opportunity to celebrate contemporary art, cinematic experimentation, and the rich cultural heritage of Crete. In addition to this, we are working hard towards establishing new partnerships and alliances with cultural institutions and foundations in Greece and abroad to curate network-based projects that support the movement of cultural professionals and explore potential ways for interdisciplinary practitioners to think and work collectively. These initiatives and partnerships allow us to apply for competitive funding opportunities, such as Creative Europe.

Our educational activities bring local schools into the Sculpture Garden of Minos Beach art hotel and are designed to communicate contemporary art to young students, thus inspiring the creative forces of the future generation. Apart from organized educational tours and occasional workshops with artists, we wish to offer young students the opportunity to employ their creative forces and get the most out of their trip to the Sculpture Garden. For this, we have partnered with and designed an inspired new game (The Turtle Walk) tailored to high school students, which will allow them to explore the collection in a more experimental way, think about art, express their opinions in writing and discuss the impact the works had on them.

At bluegr, we feel very strongly about supporting and promoting the heritage of our local community of Crete, therefore we have mapped and collected all the NGOs, institutions and foundations that work hard to showcase and promote the island’s cultural heritage.


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