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bluegr Hotels & Resorts is a collection of awardwinning hotels in Crete, Rhodes, and Athens. We place a great deal of emphasis on nurturing our Peoples strengths and we encourage lifelong professional development

We wish to be an employer of choice; therefore, we take our responsibility towards our people very seriously. The happiness of our employees is a top priority. We strive to establish a positive and stimulating working environment where everyone is inspired and encouraged to take initiative, participate, and grow. Furthermore, we take pride in our strong family legacy, and as a result, we are committed to treating all our employees equally. We provide safe space for expression, we ardently support and promote respect and equal treatment. We have developed and implemented special policies and protocols with regards to the Health & Safety of all employees and we address GDPR regulations through trainings and relevant policies.

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Join us on the 20th of October at Minos Beach art, where you can discover more about our group and our career pathways, as well as opportunities to join us. We look forward to seeing you there and share the bluegr Experience. For any questions, please contact the Human Resources department: or 215 50057708.

Night Auditor (Front Office)
Candia Park Village
Οι ιδανικοί υποψήφιοι πρέπει να διαθέτουν πτυχίο τουριστικής σχολής, τουλάχιστον τριετή εμπειρία σε αντίστοιχη θέση, άριστη γνώση Η/Υ, MS Office και Protel PMS, πολύ καλή γνώση Αγγλικών, πάθος για τη φιλοξενία, ενθουσιασμό, επαγγελματισμό και ομαδικότητα.
Life Gallery athens Hotel | Ekali
Οι ιδανικοί Υποψήφιοι πρέπει να διαθέτουν εργασιακή εμπειρία σε αντίστοιχη θέση σε παρασκευή καφέ και σέρβις, πολύ καλή γνώση της Αγγλικής Γλώσσας, πιστοποιητικό Υγείας σε ισχύ, επικοινωνιακές δεξιότητες, γνώση συστημάτων P.O.S, πάθος για την Αριστεία και τη Φιλοξενία, ομαδικό πνεύμα, και επαγγελματισμό.
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