Our People

For more than 50 years, bluegr Hotels and Resorts has been setting the benchmark for excellence in hospitality, delivering exceptional service to its guests while caring for its local community and inspiring future generations.

“We are a community of professionals who are passionate about making a difference in the present and future of hospitality.”

We not only take pride in our services but care for our employees and suppliers, working hard to protect our land.

We work hard to maintain with all our stakeholders a relationship characterized by honesty, consistency, transparency, trust, and fair treatment on both sides. We are deeply committed to operating with integrity and respect towards all our stakeholders and to promoting and showcasing ethical behaviour both internally and externally, complying with all regulatory frameworks.

Our “Code of Conduct” outlines a model of exemplary and ethical behavior which permeates through all our operations and is an important guide for our people and business partners. Everyone in the company, regardless of their position in the hierarchy, is expected to demonstrate admirable behavior and adherence to all applicable laws and regulations. This Code of Conduct is applicable to all bluegr stakeholders, employees and partners.


Motivated by our vision and values, we provide hospitality services and we offer unforgetbale experiences to our guests. We are focused on the things that matter most in our lives. In the past, people would say ‘if it’s sustainable, it can’t be luxurious’, but nowadays we believe quite strongly that we’re able to offer our guests natural elegance while minimizing our impact on the planet and enhancing their wellbeing. Our goal is to continue to be a model of best practice and operate based on the 3 pillars of quality tourism: excellent service, excellent hospitality and breathtaking locations.
We wish to be an employer of choice. We strive to establish a positive and stimulating working environment where everyone is inspired and encouraged to take initiatives, participate, and grow. We take pride in our strong family legacy, we are committed to treating all our employees equally and provide a safe space. We have developed and implemented special policies and protocols with regards to Health & Safety of all employees and we address GDPR regulations. We strive to cultivate a culture of Togetherness and Openness.
Over the years, we have built and maintained a steady group of partners and suppliers. Our relationship with each one is characterised by trust, fair treatment, honesty, and consistency. By always prioritising local producers we create employment opportunities for the local community, as well as inspiring the emergence of new businesses. We require all of our partners to demonstrate high standards of business ethics, reliability, integrity, and we ensure absolute transparency.
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