Corporate Social Responsibility

We understand that to be successful over time, we must earn the trust of our employees, guests, stakeholders, and local community.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy outlines a comprehensive plan of initiatives for ethical, responsible, and sustainable business practices, including short and long-term goals, objectives, priorities, KPIs, measurement procedures and reporting of results.

Our ultimate goal is to strengthen our company’s image, promote our business activity, and increase our customers’ loyalty. We recognise that the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility are fully intertwined with our business and strategic goals. Therefore, we have appointed a CSR Committee, which will set the direction and oversee policies regarding bluegr’s social, ethical, and environmental interests.

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Read our Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy Here

Read our Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019-2021 here: English, Greek

Environment | b-Green!
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Solidarity & Volunteerism | b-Active!
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Cultural Heritage | b-Proud!
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Sustainable Education | b-The Future!
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Our CSR Strategy follows the star model system which permeates all of bluegr’s business practices. It is divided into four strategic dimensions which name our objectives, describe our interests and priorities and include our respective initiatives, actions, and goals towards achieving them. Integrity and fairness are part of everything we do, therefore we try to apply a holistic approach to our CSR practices, addressing social, environmental, and cultural aspects.
Bluegr’s CSR Committee will meet every week and additionally as circumstances dictate. The Committee may in its discretion invite any individual either internal or external to attend the weekly meetings. The CSR Committee is comprised of bluegr’s CEO, COO, Procurement Manager, HR Manager, Minos Beach art hotel Manager, Business Development Manager, Quality Officer, and the Business Development Officer of the G&A Mamidakis Foundation. The X-perience Calendar is an important tool which helps us communicate, both internally and externally, the actions and initiatives we plan for the year ahead. It promotes and enhances employee and guest participation in activities that support our strategic objectives and other related causes.
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