What does blue means for the bluegr family

Blue is undoubtedly our favorite color among the bluegr family! Blue with the universal values it represents, is the ideal symbol for all the beliefs we share with each other and our customers. It’s all those deep feelings, the strong insight and high goals which to us are the very air we breathe!

It embodies all the elements that distinguish and sets us apart, such as morality, integrity, and creativity. The strong desire to overcome our limits and the burning flame in our souls that drives us towards always discovering the best, putting people in the center.

It is also a very strong symbol for a dear and important value, the protection of the environment. We feel the need to constantly care for the beautiful land that hosts us, approaching it with humility and awe.

Blue characterizes a true leader. The one that copes with difficulties and never gives up. Just like blue is one of the three essential colors, a true leader is independent by nature and has the ability to create from nothing. He carves his own path with modesty, high ethics and enthusiasm. This is the meaning of the color blue and our life philosophy here at the bluegr family.

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