Suppliers Code of Conduct


  1. The bluegr Supplier Code of Conduct (“the Code”) defines the minimum requirements and standards requested by bluegr of its suppliers (supply chain) to respect and to adhere to, regarding foods, beverages, materials and other products and services.
  1. The Code applies to bluegr suppliers (with few exceptions where appropriate, such as occasional purchases), and employees, who have direct and/or indirect relationship with its suppliers.
  1. Bluegr relationship with its suppliers is distinguished by honesty, consistency, prudence, trust and fair treatment for all.
  1. Bluegr suppliers must comply with all relevant laws and regulations of Greece and of the countries they operate.
  1. At the same time, bluegr requires its suppliers to ensure the rights of their employees, not to employ child and/or forced labor, to adopt non-discriminatory employment practices, to respect labor provisions and to ensure a decent, safe and healthy working environment.
  1. Finally, bluegr requires suppliers to demonstrate high standards of business ethics, reliability, integrity, modesty and assumes absolute transparency in all dealings with them, based on bluegr zero tolerance on corruption.
  1. No bluegr employee shall accept direct and/or indirect gifts or benefits (either financial and/or in kind), from suppliers, which attempt to influence business decisions, based on bluegr zero tolerance on bribery and corruption.
  1. Supplier selection may include criteria such as support of local suppliers, innovation, aesthetics, outstanding quality of products and services, and the long-term added value to bluegr and its stakeholders.
  1. Bluegr invites its suppliers to demonstrate social and environmental responsibility and get involved, when possible, in actions and social and environmental awareness initiatives, especially in communities where bluegr operates.
  1. Bluegr encourages synergies between its suppliers, as part of its B2B initiative, in order to examine proposals and cooperation possibilities based on mutual benefit, both for bluegr and for its suppliers and stakeholders.
  1. Relevant documents to this Code, which outline the principles, standards, procedures and guidelines used by bluegr and are directly or/and indirectly related to its procurement policy, are included in the following certifications: HACCP/ISO- 22000, ISO-14001 and TRAVELIFE (TUI).
  1. Violation of the Code’s principles by any bluegr employee may result to the dismissal of the employee, while a breach of the Code principles by a supplier may result to the termination of cooperation with the supplier.
  1. Bluegr encourages its suppliers to control their own supply chain and adopt relevant codes of conduct for their suppliers.
  1. Contact information regarding the Code: Bluegr Supplies Manager, Email:, Telephone: +30 2111067410, Address: 103, Thisseos Avenue, GR-145 78, Ekali, Athens, Greece.
  1. The Code is publicly available at the bluegr official website ( in Greek and English and may be amended, modified or waived by bluegr without prior notice.
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