G & A Mamidakis Foundation


The G. & Α. MAMIDAKIS Foundation: a dream that became reality

It all began…

… in 1988, when Gina Mamidakis, managing director of bluegr Hotels & Resorts in Greece, created the Minos Beach art Symposia at Agios Nikolaos, Crete. Her aim was to tap the desire of artists to make their works available in Crete, so that increasing numbers of people would have the opportunity to enjoy a unique cultural experience, actively taking part in cultural events rather than merely observing them.

In 1993, the G. & Α. Mamidakis Foundation became a reality. Named after the parents of its head, Gina Mamidakis, it hosts works by great artists from Greece and abroad, making modern art more accessible to Greeks and visitors from all over the world.  The Foundation also organizes social and environmental events.


Significantly, the three main pillars of the Foundation – people, environment and culture – are a perfect fit with the development of the LoveGreece.com project.

The spark that gave birth to LoveGreece was the Greek crisis. Inspired by the dynamism and creativity of the Greek entrepreneurial spirit, LoveGreece was founded in 2013 as an initiative to boost and promote the country’s image abroad by profiling talented and successful Greeks. With their ethos and vision, Greece’s entrepreneurs and professionals are an important aspect of the country worth highlighting to the world.

LoveGreece long commitment is to make a contribution to Greek society and to ensure that the initiative will develop steadily.

LoveGreece.com showcases talented Greeks with an outward-looking mentality and potential. It is not intended to be a stale library of information, but an interactive forum bursting with energy. LoveGreece.com focuses on exceptional entrepreneurs and successful figures from the worlds of research and innovation, the arts and culture, education and social responsibility. The aim is to raise people’s interest and help boost demand for Greek products and services.

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