HR Policy

Our company’s social commitment is its liability towards its employees and the local community where carries on its activities.

Our employment philosophy is based on interpersonal relationships, professionalisation, meritocracy, ethics and fairness which constitute the pillars of our cooperation. In this context we have created an Internal Personnel Procedures, ensuring proper operation and protections of our people rights.

Towards this end we are committed to the following:

  • To treat our employees fairly with dignity, respect and tolerance without any form of discrimination.
  • To ensure through transparent procedures equal opportunities for all.
  • To have a remuneration policy and social security benefits that are equitable under the relevant legal framework.
  • Recognise the right of our personnel to participate in unions and develop a relationship based on a mutual dialogue and cooperation.
  • Encourage personell job performance through objective and transparent procedures and promote education in all grades for continuous improvement
  • Systematically reinforce the local communities where we operate, through impartial selection of people, partners and suppliers.
  • The main goals related to bluegr personnel, as defined in this year’s action plan is as follows:
  • Development of Human Resources department and related procedures.
  • Personnel Training on company’s policies, values and encourage the development of innovative ideas.


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