Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Philosophy

Our environmental philosophy is based on the adoption of a new culture that extends throughout bluegr Hotels & Resorts. Apart from integrating eco-friendly practices in our hotels overall management, we are also striving on a daily basis to enhance environmental awareness among our guests and local residents. The organization of "green" activities and distribution of information on natural resources conservation are a few of our current practices, with more planned for the future.

The Management and the staff of bluegr Hotels & Resorts, recognizing the importance of environmental protection towards sustainable development, have developed and apply an Environmental Management System, in accordance with ISO 14001: 2004 standards. The EMS is applied to all the hotel complex and in particular to those concerning accommodation,  food & beverage and recreation.

  • To this direction the bluegr management is committed to:
    • Comply with legal or requirements that concern its activities and relate to environmental protection.
    • Assess the environmental impact of its activities in order to reduce or eliminate their negative effects to the environment.
    • Undertake all possible action towards environmental protection and preventing of pollution, and
    • Seek continuous improvement through the setting of targets.
  • According to the aforementioned commitments, the bluegr management aims at:
    • Saving energy, reducing water consumption, reducing solid and liquid discharge and achieving its sound management.
    • Providing up to date information on its environmental actions to all authorities and individuals involved in order to raise awareness and participation.
    • Training and raising awareness of its staff in order to actively participate in the Environmental Management System.
    • Providing information on the hotel’s environmental actions to guests in order to encourage their active participation.

The mentioned guiding objectives are met through the implementation of the Environmental Management System EN 14001:2004, the setting of specific and measurable objectives, the regular inspection of environmental parameters, the assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of actions, the monitoring of the System’s performance and the reconsidering of objectives in order to be upgraded.

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